Low Cost Auto Transport Under $1000

What is the best way to find cheap auto transport services that are NOT a ripoff? If you Google “cheap auto transport” it can look like it’s easy to book a transport for an unbelievable rate! But you can’t always trust those rates due to added fees. We’ve talked to folks who ended up paying DOUBLE what their original quoted rate was! That’s a shame, and for any business worth their salt it should never happen. But if you’re watching your budget and you need low cost auto transport, we know you’re paying attention to every line item when it comes to shipping a car. Just like you’d research a moving company before your move, you should research your auto transport company. Make sure everything adds up!

Honest Low Auto Transport Rates

We expect our potential customers to check us out. It’s why we repeatedly post our REAL rates of recent trips online. You can also get an instant rate (just like an auto transport cost calculator, except far more accurate!) anytime on our site. Below are just some of the recent trips we’ve taken this summer to help busy people get their cars moved. Several bought a new car, some were moving, and we helped quite a few college students in May get home from a busy semester of classes. How can we help you?

Auto Transport for Under $1000 – Recent Car Shipments

Auto Transport Under $1000 - Richardson to Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI to Richardson, TX

North to south for this move! We shipped a Toyota Rav 4 for a college student coming home from university this past May. This route was from Ann Arbor, MI to Richardson, TX for just over $900. We love helping students stay safe and avoid what would have been a 17-hour drive.

Auto Transport Under $1000 - Dallas to Kearney

Dallas, TX to Kearney, MO

Most family households have more than one vehicle. When it comes time to move, logistics can get a bit complicated. We helped this family get their Mazda 3 from Texas to Missouri in their move for under $770.

Auto Transport Under $1000 - Fort Worth to Stevenson Ranch

Fort Worth, TX to Stevenson Ranch, CA

Need to ship an SUV? No problem! We moved this Land Rover Range Rover more than 1,400 miles for just over $800. This family was headed from near our headquarters here in DFW all the way out to the west coast in California.

Auto Transport Under $1000 - Little Rock to Lubbock

Little Rock, AR to Lubbock, TX

While Arkansas and Texas aren’t too far from each other, this car shipping trip was more than 650 miles. That’s a bit of a hike, especially if you have to take a friend to a dealership with you. We shipped an adventurous Jeep Wrangler to its new owner for $708.31.

Auto Transport Under $1000 - Rancho Mirage to Portland

Rancho Mirage, CA to Portland, OR

People ship all kinds of cars from your everyday sedans to this beautiful Porsche Cayenne we shipped from California to Oregon (quite a bit of scenery along that route!) Trucks, SUVs, even a boat…we can ship it! This auto transport total was $998.42.

Auto Transport Under $1000 - Appleton to Nixa

Appleton, WI to Nixa, MO

Who wants to drive the entire state of Illinois from north to south? Not me! We shipped a Toyota Corolla for a family moving from Wisconsin down to Missouri for $767.15 and saved them hours on the road.

Open Auto Transport is Cheap Auto Transport

One way to ensure you’re getting the best car shipping rate? Choose open auto transport. What does that mean? Well, there are many different trailer options for our car hauling partners. Some of these trailers fit more vehicles than others. When you choose open auto transport, that means multiple cars can be loaded onto one trailer, meaning a more efficient trip and a lower cost for everyone. Closed auto transport is more expensive because only one or two cars can be shipped together at one time. Save money and request open auto transport!

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