Auto Transport Reviews: Who to Trust?

How can you Trust a Company Based on their Auto Transport Reviews?

For one reason or another, you’ve decided you need to transport a car (or multiple cars). You need to find a company that can do the job, so you head over to Google to hunt for some auto transport reviews and type in “auto transport companies.” There are tons of results! Literally, hundreds. You see ads, you see local companies, you’ve got phone numbers galore! How will you ever decide which company to use? Who is trustworthy? What if it’s a scam?

Maybe you click on one of the ads, because they promise low prices for auto transport across the country and the quote is FREE! About 60 seconds after you hit “submit,” your phone rings and your email starts to blow up. This is a common occurrence as many of the top listings are 3rd party lead generation services, and they are taking your information and selling it to a number of auto transport companies. This is fine if you want a lot of quotes, but many of these will pressure you into using them over the phone without allowing you to do your research first.

There are things you can check for to help ensure you don’t submit your information to these auto transport lead generators, and make sure you’re getting in touch with a solid, trustworthy auto transport company. This is where reviews can come in handy, and a few tips.

A Good Auto Transport Company…

  • Can always provide you with a phone number that has a REAL person on the other end. No robots!
  • Has an easy-to-navigate website where you can request a quote directly, without going through a third party.
  • Will never ask you for a security deposit or fee before the vehicle has been picked up. Security deposits are simply nonsense and not necessary. A good auto transport company doesn’t needs security deposits to turn a profit, and doesn’t need you to confirm that you’re “serious” about doing business.
  • Will give you a customized estimate based upon your transported distance. Watch out for auto transport companies who guarantee super low prices when you compare quotes. There could be hidden fees. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Can provide you with an MC number to verify that they are licensed. The company should also verify that they are bonded and insured companies. If anything happens to your car during transport, the company should be held liable!

Read Auto Transport Reviews

The following review sites are excellent resources for reading real customer reviews about major auto transport companies. Even smaller local auto transport companies should be found on at least one of these sites

Auto Transport Reviews: Who to Trust?
Auto Transport Reviews: Who to Trust?
Auto Transport Reviews: Who to Trust?
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