Google Can’t be Wrong about Auto Transport

Over the course of the year 2015, we really dove into some numbers on online activity for auto transport companies. What we discovered is pretty amazing! If you think about how you evaluate service-oriented companies, 9 times out of 10 you probably head to the Internet. Think about it: heating or air conditioning, carpet cleaning, plumbing, moving companies, lawn services, etc. You want to read reviews, see what the prices are like, and get a feel for whom you’ll be doing business with. If any service company doesn’t have information available online for you, you really aren’t left with many choices other than to assume they don’t care about their reputation with their customers or their customer service. It was one of our main efforts in 2015, in partnership with our friends’ SEO expertise at Tangram Sky Interactive, to make sure that our online reputation matched up with our real identity at Crestline Auto Transport.

Did you know that every month there are more than 20,000 online Google searches for auto transport? Given that there are so many different circumstances that call for car shipping services — moving, relocating for a job, military moves, sport vehicle transport, auto shows — and even more audiences — government, auto dealers, individuals, etc. — we shouldn’t be that surprised. We discovered in addition to thousands of searches, people are using a lot of different terms to talk about auto transport. They’re researching reviews, companies, local, quotes, and even adding modifiers like “reliable” to their searches.


We’ll spare you the pages and pages of data, but sum it up like this: people are desperate for honest, reliable, auto transport companies that won’t take advantage of them when it comes to quotes or hidden fees. When we started paying attention to what’s happening online and made some effort at answering the questions people already had, Google started paying a lot of attention to us.

Google Can’t be Wrong about Auto Transport

In just a few short months, we started ranking on the very first page for local auto transport in Dallas, TX. Keep in mind we serve the whole United States, Google just happened to pick up that our corporate offices are in Dallas.

Google can’t be wrong! If you want a quality, reliable, honest, customer-focused auto transport company, look no further than Crestline. We’ve got customer reviews on Transport Reviews, Google+, and BBB to prove it. When you call, you get a REAL human being, and you’ll get one quote that doesn’t change.