Auto Transport Rates for PCS Moves

This term alone, “auto transport rates” is typed into Google at least 700 times in a month! It’s pretty clear to us that cost is a defining factor in who you’ll choose to move your car. But even more important than that is the level of service you’re going to receive. You don’t want to just trust anyone who has a trailer to move your car across the country! That’s why we work really hard to make sure all the reviews on Google and Facebook are relevant and recent for you. You can see from other, real live people, and hear about their experience with our auto transport. We guarantee you won’t find any posts with horror stories like… “I didn’t know where my car was for 15 days!” No way. We won’t let that happen because communication is the MOST important thing we bring to the table.

July was one of our busiest months to date. We moved countless households this summer, for all kinds of reasons. In just one week, we moved six members of our military with PCS orders from the vehicle processing center close to our offices here in Dallas.

Recent Auto Transport Rates in PCS Moves

Grand Prairie, TX - San Antonio, TX

One service member returned from Afghanistan – THANK YOU for your service, sir! We helped this soldier move his 2008 Ford Focus from Grand Prairie, Texas to San Antonio, Texas for $250.

Dallas, TX - Fort Mead, MD

Another member of the military needed us to move his family’s Toyota Highlander. They were going from Dallas to Fort Mead, Maryland to be stationed there. We moved his vehicle for $606.

Grand Prairie, TX - Orlando, FL

We always love helping service members who come back from overseas. Another member of the military returned this summer from Japan. We moved his Toyota Corrolla from Grand Prairie, Texas to Orlando, Florida for $597.

Auto Transport Tips & Reminders

It all depends on four factors: the time of year, the kind of car you want to move, the distance, and when you book! If possible for the best deal, book early. Bigger cities with popular routes will always be more affordable, but we offer door to door auto transport throughout the United States.

If this is your first time transporting a vehicle with an auto transport company, here’s a little list that can be helpful! Did you know…

Your vehicle is most likely transported on a multi-car carrier that is making other pick-ups and deliveries along the way to your destination.

Please remove your TOLL PASS. Even if it’s in the glove box it could activate and charge you!

Some factors are out of the driver’s control like traffic, weather, or time needed at other stops on the way. This is why we provide delivery estimates instead of a specific time and date. The driver’s pick-up/delivery window cannot be adjusted so once this time is announced please be sure you are available.

Due to weight restrictions, your vehicle should have no more than half a tank of fuel or the driver may elect not to transport the vehicle for safety precautions. For the same reason, household goods and personal items are not permitted inside vehicles to be transported.

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