Auto Fleet Remarketing Tips

Three Tips for Auto Fleet Remarketing

Crestline isn’t a big box company with 500 locations. That’s okay. You know why? It helps us understand the 28 million small and medium size businesses we love to work with in the U.S. Because we are one of you, it gives us an edge. We understand the problems you face because we face them too. We’re not just a consumer auto shipping company; we work with local and regional car dealerships, we help the guys that work hard running their businesses, and managing their fleet – whether that’s for municipalities, electric companies, airport shuttle services, rental car offices, HVAC technicians, construction companies or any other kind of company. Today we’re talking to you. You’re the manager of a smaller fleet, maybe 10 – 50 vehicles, and you don’t have the funds to support a full-time fleet management team or even the logistics software that’s available. You’re figuring it all out on your own as you go.

No matter how many work vehicles or trucks are in your fleet, most fleet managers have the same issue. They’re concerned with productivity, overall operating costs of the fleet including fuel, and eventually remarketing vehicles that are no longer needed. How do you retain value for vehicles that will eventually be sold on the market again?

Auto Fleet Remarketing Tips

Pay attention to these three tips to get a big return on the re-sale of your fleet vehicles:

Tip #1

Know your fuel spend and figure out where you can save. Many small fleet managers wear several hats. Dedicating just a little time to research can help you pocket additional dollars down the road. While alternative fuel methods seem costly up front, they may yield a savings in the long run. Take the time to do a cost analysis and determine where you break even point is, and find out if alternative fuel could offset operating costs to the point that you come out on top.

Tip #2

WHEN you sell your vehicles matters. Pay attention to the consumer market. What’s going on with used car sales in your area? Are you near a major university? Considering the school schedule is smart. If you’re in an area that has harsh winters, consider selling vehicles when the weather is nice. Sitting on vehicles isn’t ideal, but what if waiting for what is historically a big used truck month could make you more money per vehicle? Save your fleet and market it when the demand spikes.

Tip #3

Get fleet incentives. Find out if you qualify for fleet status (typically at least 15 vehicles). You could be exempt from advertising fees and get manufacturers dealer-based sales and service programs. Check out GM’s Business Elite, Ford’s Business Preferred and Chrysler’s Business Link for more information. These programs all have incentives that will save you in the long run!

No matter the size of your fleet, Crestline can help you ship your vehicles in a way that is cost effective and on your timeline. You might be on a tight schedule for that need-it-now truck with an extended cab, or you may have found that cargo van two states away at the right price. Let us go get it for you! Get a quote for free from Crestline. We can help with one vehicle or ten, and we also offer a discount for multiples.