The Great Automotive Dealership Inventory Race

Hello, fourth quarter. It’s nice to see you again.

The fourth quarter of each year is like a rally cry for automotive dealerships around the country. Those brand new, shiny, flawless 2016 models are on their way to a car lot near you. Exciting? Yes! We can’t wait.  We’ve seen the commercials with gorgeous cars topped with a (ridiculously large) red bow in the driveway as snow is falling. A BRAND NEW vehicle for Christmas? The perfect gift!

But what about all of those 2015 models? Auto dealerships face a bit of a conundrum and feel just a little pressure this time of year. The name of the game is…


Why do dealerships have the best pricing of the year right now? Well, for several reasons. One, you might be trying to reach specific sales goals before the end of the year. Manufacturers often offer all kinds of incentives to motivate dealers to sell their cars. Frankly, you also have to just make room. There has to be a  spot to park all those new cars! And of course it comes down to costs. Interest and taxes are just part of what dealerships have to pay to keep cars on the lot. Holding onto inventory can actually be quite expensive. Come January 1, you don’t want to be held responsible for all of that!

The Great Automotive Dealership Inventory Race

Auto Dealerships really have three options for old inventory.

The cars have to go, that’s not an option. So how are you going to get them off your lot?

  • Sell all the cars. Offer crazy deals online, put out flyers, etc. You want to sell as many cars as possible, and obviously this is the best option for making a profit.
  • Move them to another lot. You might have another lot of pre-owned vehicles that you can take the excess inventory to.
  • Sell them at an Auto Auction. This is one of the most popular alternatives because buyers are interested in getting inventory for their own car lots. Auto auctions in the last quarter are full of last-year’s model vehicles.

As a dealership sales manager or GM, you’re thinking, “I already know all this. We have to get these cars gone! What can you do to help?”

  • We can offer you a faster way to get cars from your Internet sales to your consumer.
  • A more cost-effective way to transport vehicles to auction or to another lot.
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