Tax Refund for 2016? Buy a Car!

What will you do with your tax refund this year? Buy a car & ship it to your driveway?

We have just a little over 2 ½ months until tax deadline on April 18 (we get three extra days to file this year!) While the actual filing of taxes can be a chore, we all have one thing on our minds: how much money will we be refunded?

The sooner you file, the sooner you’ll be receiving your funds. For many Americans, this means there will be extra money in your pocket in just a few short weeks! The average American receives nearly $3,000 in refunded taxes. What are you going to do with all that cash?

If you’ve been waiting to go car shopping, now is the time. Buying a car, truck, or SUV with your tax refund money can be a great way to get low monthly payments because you’ll have extra cash to put down. Now the question is, where should you go to start the hunt?

You may have seen the commercials. The advent of “buy here, pay here” car dealership models market themselves as simple car buying options. These large scale car dealerships boast large inventory, online shopping,  no haggling and limited credit checks. These “buy here, pay here” models are popping up everywhere – and they truly can offer an amazing buying experience…or as one puts it, “a better way to buy a car.”

Tax Refund for 2016? Buy a Car!
Who claims to be the best for Buying a Car Online?

Want to buy a car or truck from your couch? You can do it on Carvana! And this is definitely a safe way to do it. All Carvana’s vehicles are certified, and they have cars for sale to fit just about any budget. Carvana offers some great features on their website to give consumers what they claim to be the ultimate buying experience including 360 degree tours of the inside and outside of the vehicle. You can “test own” a car for seven days, and they’ll even deliver a car to your driveway if you don’t want to come pick it up. Want to trade in a car? No problem – they’ll help you with that. It’s a true online dealership – but you don’t have to go to the finance office!


If your credit history isn’t squeaky clean, DriveTime says they can help. They have physical dealerships (136, to be exact) throughout the country you can visit in person, or you can shop online. They give you the history of each vehicle and offer a 5 day guarantee. The DriveTime website says their finance process is super simple and only takes two minutes, approving people who may have been turned down elsewhere.

Tax Refund for 2016? Buy a Car!
Don’t want to haggle?

It’s a well-known fact that the pricing Carmax puts on their vehicles is what you’ll pay. Online prices match what you’ll find at the lot. You aren’t limited to the inventory at one CarMax, you can shop any of their 150+ nationwide locations. (Most of the time, they’ll provide auto transport between near CarMax locations for free). Carmax truly is a one-stop-shop: buying, selling your old vehicle, and financing can all be done right there.

Tax Refund for 2016? Buy a Car!
Online ONLY?

Beepi markets a slimmed down no-complicated-sales car buying experience. It’s an online marketplace where Beepi serves as the middleman – connecting buyers and sellers. There is no physical dealership: which means you browse cars online, choose the one you want, and it is delivered to you. All Beepi cars are certified and go through a 240 point inspection. You then have 10 days to drive and decide if you like the car (putting no more than 1,000 miles on the car).

Whatever your personal car buying preferences are, there is something available for you. Don’t dread tax season, look forward to the extra cash. Keep in mind that you can buy a car from anywhere! If the dealership or car you find online isn’t anywhere close to where you live – get a free quote from Crestline. We’ll ship your new car, truck, or SUV from the dealerships right to your driveway. Check back next week for a highlight on some DFW dealerships you want to visit with your extra cash!