State Fair of Texas 2015

State Fair of Texas 2015
State Fair of Texas 2015

The state fair opens today (Friday, September 25th) and you better believe the date has been circled on our calendars for months. We can’t wait! Obviously we’re into the cars, but there’s so many other things to do at the State Fair of Texas. The food, the rides, the exhibits, the shows, the animals…we couldn’t possibly cover it all. However we did want to give you a little insight into what our team members are looking forward to the most!

Alan Levy is the Crestline leader, (He’s the CEO, and he’s kind of a big deal.) He goes right for the Fletcher’s coney dog and a beer the moment he gets through the gate! He also loves walking the midway, and says that the people watching doesn’t get any better than the State Fair of Texas.

The car he is looking forward to most is the Chevy Colorado Sport Concept Truck. The denizens of the Lone Star Republic take their pickups as seriously as they take their barbecue, music, and their inclination to name things after Lyndon Baines Johnson. As such, Chevy deemed the State Fair the perfect venue to show off its Colorado Sport Concept ahead of its appearance before the gawking masses at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Although the Colorado Sport also features wheels that may preview a future rolling-stock option on Chevy’s new mid-sizer, the truck was built mainly as a showcase for the new GearOn accessory-rack system. GearOn allows owners to keep the bulky stuff — Chevy cites bikes and kayaks as likely items — above the bed, while coolers, tents, cat carriers, large loaves of challah, space heaters, vintage Wushof knife collections, and bear-repellent sirens reside below.

Linda can’t wait for this year’s critically acclaimed fried bacon infused margarita! (The rest of us aren’t so sure about that one!) She will be volunteering at the petting zoo, and you’ll also be able to find her riding the craziest rides around. She says the scarier and taller, the better!

Whitney loves the rides and wants to win a fish! (It may not stay alive very long, she says…)

Taylor is a muscle car kind of guy. He is specifically pumped to see the new Dodge Hellcat Superbee. His other favorites include the staple ride, the ferris wheel, and eating a funnel cake.

MK wants a turkey leg and corn on the cob, polished off with an order of fried oreos. Then he is heading to the Classic Car Corral. Check out the Classic Car Corral Schedule for 2015 – and come say hello to Crestline at the State Fair of Texas!

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