Just how Smart are Connected Cars?

What Connected Cars have to offer in 2016

Buying a new car is no longer about simple options like the color of the vehicle, number of doors or seats, cd player, gas mileage, automatic locks, and keyless entry.

No. We’ve moved way past those days and entered a whole new era where purchasing a vehicle now involves conversations about operating systems, voice commands, WiFi, GPS, touch screens, Siri in the dashboard, and more. The technology available in vehicles today serves more than one purpose. What used to be in the dashboard was only for entertainment. Now vehicle technology has evolved with the ability to prevent and reduce accidents.

The range of options can be overwhelming, not to mention how quickly they change. We’re here to offer you a guide to what Connected Cars have to offer in 2016.

First up is the cool stuff. The term “connected car” rings true when it comes to things like in-car WiFi and Bluetooth. With in-car WiFi you can connect a laptop, phone, or tablet any time with a signal that can extend beyond your car. The only drawback is that it will likely add an extra monthly subscription bill. Since Bluetooth technology has been around for a while, the ability to wirelessly connect your devices has now become the industry standard. It has nearly eliminated distractions while driving due to voice commands and hands-free access.

Just how Smart are Connected Cars?

The most important developments in vehicle technology are the advancements in safety. The New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) now contains recommended advanced safety features that are estimated to have saved more than 600,000 lives..

These connected safety features are becoming mainstream in new vehicles:
Just how Smart are Connected Cars?
No more difficult parallel parking. Cars with this feature help steer you into a tight spot while you control the brake.
Just how Smart are Connected Cars?
Provides eyes behind the vehicle so you can see how close you are to the curb or watch for pedestrians and children before you start moving.
Just how Smart are Connected Cars?
This feature does what it states. If you’re drifting in and out of a lane due to distraction or drowsiness, a sound or vibration can alert you.
Just how Smart are Connected Cars?
How many times have you put on a turn signal and started merging only to realize a car was in the lane next to you? Blindspot monitors help warn you where other vehicles are, and may add a more intense warning if you put on a turn signal and there is a vehicle in your blindspot.
This is just the beginning. Technology is providing an extra layer of safety for drivers today. For more information on safety features and vehicle technology, visit the My Car Does What website!

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