Is your energy focused on income producing activities ?

Income producing activities move you closer or even past your business and income goals.  These are the activities that will directly impact your bottom line. Focusing on these should be a conscious priority for us.  The top 3 are often categorized as learning, prospecting & marketing.  We need to give ourselves permission not only to focus on these but to avoid task that do not fall under one of these categories.

Create a “Don’t List.”  Eliminate things that distract from producing income. What mundane tasks are you most often bogged down with? Of those what can you delegate and what can you eliminate all together?  Give yourself permission to pass off task to some one else who can preform them more efficiently. Give yourself time to focus on important tasks.   This can be hard in our DIY obsessed culture. You wouldn’t have your sales staff clean the bathrooms, so why are they arranging transportation? Let us efficiently and professionally handle that while you and your sales team get back to income producing activities.