College Student Auto Transport

In just a few short weeks, young adults will be heading back to school for the start of college classes. Moving to college is a big step! Don’t let anxiety about a long road trip get in the way of your excitement. If you’re the parent of a young adult (or a young adult yourself) headed to college perhaps hundreds of miles away from home, you’ve been carefully making plans all summer. What classes will you take? What will you study? The most important decision came first and that is – exactly where will you attend school? Should you choose an in-state school?

More and more kids are choosing to attend schools that are out-of-state. Sorry mom and dad! We know that it is hard to let these kids go, even though you’re proud of them. Perhaps the school has the program they want or maybe they’re just ready for their independence. Public universities like the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA have more than 30% of their students from out of state.

Which schools have the most out of state Freshman? See how your university stacks up. Every year, Crestline ships hundreds of cars for college students to their universities and home again (on occasion!)

College Student Auto Transport

Why use Car Shipping for College?

Well, we ship college student cars for lots of reasons. First of all, if your student is going to have a job or the campus is very large, having a car can be useful. (Earning money, going to a job, attending an internship…these are all important parts of the college experience!) The question that counts though, is this one: should you drive to school? Should you ship your car?

Consider all the miles you’ll need to travel. You may accrue extra costs like hotel stays, food, gas, and tollways. What about the condition of your car itself? A lot of students in their late teens and early twenties are known for having unreliable vehicles. Is your car really ready to make a trip across the country? What if it breaks down on the way? You can save money by shipping your car, and keeping your affordable vehicle at school to get around town.

Remember too if at any point in the year your college student decides to “upgrade” their vehicle, they can purchase a car from anywhere in the country and we’ll help get it to them safely. That’s right, buy a car online or from a dealer in your hometown, and call Crestline to ship it to campus.

Shipping your car to college is a safe, economical way to get to school (and still have your car!) Book your college student auto transport today.