Car Shipping Cost Calculator

One quick Google search for “car shipping cost calculator” yields over ten MILLION results in a fraction of a second. It’s safe to say there are tons of websites promising instant car shipping quotes. We see it all, from “one minute quotes” to “car shipping under $250 guaranteed!”  So, how reliable are these car shipping calculators? How can they even say you’ll save 60% when they don’t know where you’re going or what you’re shipping? And what does that magical number even include? We can’t answer for anybody else, but at Crestline we can tell you exactly what goes into our car shipping rate calculations. It’s not complicated, and we pride ourselves on making this process as simple as possible.

Auto transport is a highly personalized experience. And it should be! I don’t know about you, but shipping my brand new car with the guys promising “under $250 shipping” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. How much will it cost to ship your car? It depends.

Car shipping cost calculations are driven by certain factors. If we’re shipping a vintage Mustang in the middle of January vs. an SUV in the middle of summer, there will be different rates.  There will be no surprise fees. Ever. So what really goes into a car shipping calculation? It’s pretty simple, actually.

Auto Transport Rate Calculators are Based on 4 things

01 Distance

How far is your vehicle traveling? This is one of the main factors of auto transport: how many miles we”ll be covering. It is always going to be more affordable to ship vehicles shorter distances. Fewer miles, fewer resources, lower cost for you. We have routes our carriers travel far more frequently than others, with lots of customers in the same place. For rural routes it can be more expensive, simply because one truck has to travel a greater distance for one or two vehicles. The Pros tip? Ask about flexible days if you need a rural drop off or pick up. If there’s anything we can do to make the car shipping process easier or better for you, we’ll do it.

02 Timing

First, consider the time of year. Summer is definitely the busiest season for auto transport, and higher demand means you may pay a little more. One of the most popular reasons for shipping a car is for a household move to another state, and the “real estate season” is from May to August. The second part of the timing element is how quickly you need your vehicle shipped. If it’s possible, booking in advance may save you some cash. A quick turnaround means that we may have to pay our drivers for expedited shipping. We know that can’t be avoided all the time, and we can certainly get it done! If at all possible in a moving situation or job relocation, plan your auto transport at least two weeks in advance.

03 Type of Vehicle

What kind of vehicle are you shipping? Is it a small sedan or an F-150? Many people don’t realize that the heavier the vehicle is, the more it costs to ship. Kind of like shipping a heavy box full of books at the post office; it takes more time and effort to move! Bigger vehicles take up more room on the truck, and don’t allow for as many cars to be shipped at one time, driving up costs. Consider the condition of your vehicle as well and its overall value. While we absolutely can ship project cars that aren’t running, it can result in additional fees as it will require our drivers to mechanically load the car onto their trailer.

04 Type of Carrier

Depending on the car you need to ship, we can recommend different types of trailers. At Crestline we offer six different kinds of trailers to ship vehicles. The most popular is the open car trailer, which can haul multiple vehicles at once translating to the most affordable form of transport. However, we understand that many customers want their vehicle protected from the elements, especially if you’re shipping a high value car. In that case, an enclosed trailer might be suggested. All of our carriers are fully vetted and qualified to conform to our standards of service and communication.

Get a real car shipping quote that is personalized for your specific vehicle and destination. Use our FAST, EASY, FREE rate calculator (and walk through just a few steps with your vehicle’s details) to get your quote. Remember to tell us as many details as possible so we can get you the best service for your needs.

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