Auto Transport from your Car’s Perspective

One car’s epic journey across the country.

Nelson's Auto Transport ExperienceAhh, California. Where it’s sunny and warm, and the waves crash along the shore. However, that’s a long way from my driveway here in Texas! I get tired and worn out on long trips. Sometimes my engine overheats a bit or we get a flat tire.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself! I’m Nelson, it’s nice to meet you. I’m a 2013 Ford Focus, with about 45,000 miles on me. I’m in pretty good shape – my paint is still shiny, I run well, and I get great gas mileage!

My owner’s name is Linda, and she is moving to California for a few months. She doesn’t want to pay thousands to rent a car for 90 days, in a car she isn’t familiar with. But, it’s a long trip. Things can go wrong on the road and besides that, Linda would have to get hotel rooms by herself. By flying she could be there in a little less than three hours!

Get this, we found a way that she can fly and have me in California as well! Linda hired Crestline Auto Transport to take me to California. It’s like a cruise – but for cars! It’s our first time trying “car shipping” or “auto transport,” but I hear they take great care of us, and for once instead of working so hard I get to enjoy the ride and feel the wind on my headlights!

Linda called to book my transport just two weeks before she leaves. Crestline is awesome because that’s all the notice they need! We might have to make a few stops to pick up some other cars. Our route for our auto transport journey from Texas to California is already mapped out in my head.

I think I’m going to love it, and Linda is thrilled because she’s saving time and money. Since plane tickets from Dallas to San Diego are fairly cheap, it’s almost exactly the same as the gas money to drive. Linda doesn’t have to worry about paying for a hotel overnight or getting all kinds of maintenance on me (wear and tear, oil changes, etc.) All of that doesn’t even compare to the TIME she will save. Driving to California takes nearly 20 hours! That’s two days, at least, of driving. The people at Crestline will get me there when Linda needs me, right to her driveway of her new place for the next few months.

Use Crestline Auto Transport if you’re moving, on a temporary job assignment, taking a long trip, or relocating permanently! Our rates are always fair, with no hidden fees or extra “surprises.” Crestline Auto Transport is a preferred provider for many military partners, and their services are bonded and insured. Your car is in good hands!